Recession Proofing Your Finances

General Matt Dunstone 24 Jan

The latest news has been focused on rising interest rates, surging inflation, and economic uncertainty with suggestions that the Canadian economy could be tripped into recession. With all this information circulating, now is a good time to discuss ways to adapt your finances and protect your future. Fortunately, there are a few key things you […]

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Tips to Create a Monthly Budget.

General Matt Dunstone 29 Jul

One of the quickest ways to take back control of your finances and understand where your money is going is to create a monthly budget. This will help you get a snapshot of your income compared to your spending, and provides an avenue to review outgoing costs and determine areas for improvement to help you […]

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First-Time Home Buyer.

General Matt Dunstone 26 Jan

Being on the path to purchasing your first home is one of the most exciting and most rewarding moments in life! While people don’t always dream of the perfect mortgage, we do grow up thinking of a white picket fence and our dream home. Even if you imagined your dream home as a 6-bedroom mansion, […]

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Find Your Perfect Home Type.

General Matt Dunstone 10 Jan

When it comes to finding your perfect home, there are so many more options for potential homeowners! From a single-family dwelling to a townhouse to a modular home, the choices are seemingly endless. But, before you start widening your search, let’s take a look at what makes these home types different – and which one […]

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Budgeting for the Holidays.

General Matt Dunstone 2 Dec

Be mindful with money this season! Along with holiday joy come holiday bills, to avoid a sleigh-size tab, plan ahead to save money and maximize the payoff. ORDER ONLINE Avoid getting stuck in the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers by ordering gifts online from your laptop or phone. The time you save can be put […]

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Renewing Your Mortgage!

General Matt Dunstone 9 Nov

Did you know? Close to 70 percent of mortgages never make it to the end of their term! This means that, for a variety of reasons, homeowners are ending their mortgages early. However, that still leaves a solid 30 percent of home buyers who keep their mortgage until the term is up and it is […]

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Stay Fit This Fall With At-Home Exercises That Get Results!

General Matt Dunstone 12 Oct

Fitness trainer Mandy Gill puts a twist on everyday movements to build and maintain strength You may have curtailed your outdoor exercise during the dark days of autumn, but you can still stay active indoors. The key to staying fit and strong is to switch up classic movements by challenging the body with a slight […]

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10 Mortgage Mistakes

General Matt Dunstone 16 Sep

10 great things to keep in mind when you are looking into being approved for a mortgage! Whether it is your first house or you’re moving to a new neighborhood, getting approved for a mortgage is exciting! However, even if you have been approved and are simply waiting to close, there are still some things […]

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All About Reverse Mortgages!

General Matt Dunstone 2 Sep

While there are many different mortgage options out there, there is one type of mortgage available for seniors: a reverse mortgage. This article will be your comprehensive guide to reverse mortgages, what they bring to the table, and how they may be beneficial. What is a reverse mortgage? The simplest explanation for this is that […]

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Home sales continue their descent in June

General Matt Dunstone 27 Jul

Wow has it been a crazy Spring and Summer market. Rising prices, low rates and everything is moving at the speed of light. Nice to see that the market is starting to slow a bit. Check out this great article below from our very own Economist. Its a great read. Canadian Home Sales Continued Their […]

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